Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Sketching in the Park

More Photos and a Gesture Drawing from our last Saturday in
Virginia Field Park
Calvert, Texas

1. Merry go round and one gazebo Looking northeast toward the merry go round and gazebo from where I was sketching in the bandstand.
2. Gesture Drawing of Two Girls on the merry go round Two young girls, who I wrote about previously, walked, after exercising in the bandstand over to the merry go round. They very thoughtfully asked if I was through sketching the merry go round before they walked over to it. They whirled around on the wooden merry go round, not realizing that they were giving life to the scene and stirring memories when other young girls spent time in the park. I did a quick gesture drawing and also took pictures of the scene, but not with the girls. I thought that I could complete drawings or even paintings, later from what I had recorded with sketches, gestures, and the camera.
3. Shaded Walk and Street looking from my viewpoint toward what was the east entrance to the park. Across the street, on the left, is the home that will host the Victorian Tea October 4. The tea will be on the grounds. If you click on the link at the top of my page, and also under events, or even do a Google or Yahoo search, you will see pictures of previous Victorian Teas and Galas. The street leads to the high school.
4. View to the East from where I was sketching. This is part of the neighborhood where I grew up. Complete with sounds of the Mourning Doves in the park, the rattling of the chain on the flagpole and bells echoing in the halls of Calvert High School.
Scratch our plea for rain in this area right now. We could use it for grass, etc., but the farmers don't need it now. There was a segment on KBTX tv last night, showing what rain would do to the crops like cotton, and the possibility that, when it's time to harvest crops, machinery couldn't get into the fields. So, I guess our little rain from TS Edouard helped cool us off for a couple of days, and gave us a little moisture. They got more to the south, in the Houston area, though. And it certainly made us watch the skies and the radar!
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Diana Moses Botkin said...

Gesture drawings are such great practice! Good job. Hope to see more.