Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Park Sketching

More Pictures From The Park
photos and pencil sketch
These are more pictures from our last Saturday morning sketching trip to Virginia Field Park in Calvert, Texas.
1. Water Fountain This is the concrete water fountain/bird bath that I have written about previously. There used to be more big oak trees to the right, just over from the fountain, and behind it, that gave shade and interesting sights.
2. Interior of Bandstand Looking toward where the baseball field once was. We had a world champion men's softball team that played here regularly when I was growing up. And, when they weren't playing, others, like some of the kids, would play softball here. We didn't play hard ball. We thought of that as a "yankee" game, and something for men somewhere else, not for girls.
3. Interior Shot in Bandstand Taken from where I was sitting looking west toward downtown. Barbara chose to work from the west side. You can see her painting gear near the entrance to the bandstand. I like the way that the light reflects off the painted floor. Lots of textures and shapes here. I was thinking of Robin Cheers and the way that she paints. I would like to see what she would do with painting in this place.
4. Gazebo and Merry Go Round This is one view from where I was sitting, looking north east toward the merry go round and one of the gazebos. There used to be swings, a see saw, a sandpile, and a concrete ping pong table in the children's area. One time, in the 1980s, we had an arts and crafts fair in the park. This little gazebo made a nice place for one craft person to display their handmade wreaths. In other times, it was just a nice place to sit with a friend and have a private conversation, or play house, or whatever our imaginations came up with at different ages.
5. Sketch of the Gazebo and Merry Go Round This was my sketch of the merry go round, gazebo, and view from where I was sitting. I did this on watercolor paper, intending to go back later and do a painting .
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