Thursday, July 17, 2008

Saturday Sketching in Calvert

Here are some more pictures of our sketching outing in Calvert recently. We plan to go out again on Saturday.
The top photo is my pencil sketch of the old bank building, more recently Dr. Cain's dentist office, and now is being made into a place that serves chocolate.
The second photo shows the building as it looks now, and the sidewalk. Not quite the angle where I was looking.
The third photo shows the view from where I was sitting to draw. Lots of shade at that time of day. Something we were looking for on a hot day-a shadey place to sit while we sketched.
The bottom photo shows Barbara sketching. This is where we elected to sit, in the shade.
What once was Brannon's shoe shop is directly behind her. I still don't remember what was in the other building on the north corner. Through the windows and across the street, you can see the long building on the side street that was once the Post Office and Wood's Barber Shop.
If you remember what was in the building beside Brannon's Shoe Shop, I would love to know. One of those things that can keep you awake nights!
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Saturday July 26
Scottish Invasion
If anyone in this area is interested in joining in the Scottish Invasion, let me know.
Basically, people who are interested in Scottish/Celtic heritage, etc., can wear their kilts and tartans, if they want, and meet at a restaurant for food, fellowship, maybe some music and fun, on that evening. Kilts and tartans are not required, but, if people have them, that's great!
They are being held in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and in Houston, that I know of. So, hopefully, we can do something here.
Sounds like fun, to me.
What they do is to go into a selected restaurant or pub, in order to call attention to Scottish/Celtic heritage and culture.
Let me know if you would be interested.

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