Sunday, July 13, 2008

An Old Fashioned Girl

An Old Fashioned Girl
Calvert, Texas
A couple of weeks ago, Barbara and I were in Calvert during the weekend to do a little sketching on Saturday morning. We started out the morning with a kolache at Zamykal Kolache Shop on Main Street. The owner, Jody, was getting ready to leave to take part in the Polskie Dzien (Polish Days) celebration in Bremond. She stopped long enough for me to take some photos of her, all dressed up in one of the Victorian style creations that she loves to make.
Jody appreciates the Victorian atmosphere of Calvert, and she loves to sew and make her own styles of the past.
For this occasion, she wore a long sleeved white blouse with a sky blue long skirt, complete with bustle. Her shoes were high top, lace-up beige made of soft leather and she carried a white lace-trimmed parasol. To complete her outfit, she wore a flat, decorated straw hat, and carried a covered wicker basket.
When you visit Jody's shop, you will see some of her other Victorian creations on display. The photo above shows Jody among some of her "girls", mannequins dressed in some of the clothes she has made.
Doesn't a Sunday afternoon stroll around the park, with a parasol, while a band plays in the bandstand, sound like a nice way to spend an afternoon. Maybe someone selling some ice cream and lemonade. Children running around the park grounds, and people swinging in the old fashioned gliders that they used to have in Virginia Field Park.
Jody and others are looking forward to the big Victorian Gala and Tea in Calvert October 4th. You can find out more about it by looking in my sidebar under Events. There is also a bit about it in the magazine "Tea In Texas".
And, thinking of some nice music for a Sunday afternoon, here are a couple of links that you might enjoy.
"The Lost Rose" by Michael Flatley on flute
"Whisptering Winds" by Michael Flatley on flute
Speaking of men playing flutes, I was impressed with the clips on Fox News of Tony Snow playing a flute and other instruments as part of a band. I thought that was so neat. He was really good. I had not known that he played flute, or even that he played in a band. Such a talented man!
This was interesting. If you just want to learn, or if you need some information to refresh what you once did. There are others on YouTube that show how to play flute.

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