Monday, May 26, 2008

Salute To Those Who Serve

7.5" x 10.5"
I hope that you were able to observe and participate in some sort of ceremonies to honor those who served, and still serve, our country this Memorial Day.
I haven' t heard of any events here, but I'm sure that the veterans organizations probably did something. Public school students had a holiday, and some places were closed. With the university out for the semester, and so many people gone, including the Corps of Cadets, there probably weren't a lot of people to participate in anything. I know that some WWII vets make it a point to put out flags on veterans' graves in various cemeteries.
With gas prices rising, along with everything else, I'm sure that a lot of people cut back on their outings, celebrations, food, etc. this year.
If there had been a spectacular celebration, or even a simple one, we probably would have done just what we did. Stay home, draw and paint, watch war era movies and the ceremony at Arlington on tv, and have a bowl of tomato soup. Tonight it will be a small pot of spaghetti for supper. Certainly not the fare that we hear about or read about on sites that tell us about food and recipes.
In thinking about Memorial Day, I don't really have big memories of any particular time. Daddy may have cooked barbeque, in his later years. He liked to do that. Most years, though, I remember having a teacher workday and spending the time trying to get ready for the end of the school year. I think that I remember going to a nice parade in Waco to honor our service men some years back. I do enjoy parades and that one was impressive. Lots of equipment and military personnel.
I haven't known a lot of people who were in the military, and we didn't have very many in our family who served.
But I do know that we cannot do enough to honor and show our appreciation to those who are willing and able to protect our country. Our troops today deserve the very best that is possible. Young people often go into the military in hopes of receiving further education, opportunities, and training. That certainly should be available to them, as should decent pay, homes, excellent medical care, and all the equipment and items that they need. And opportunities for them when they have come home.
I was shocked to watch the PBS special called "Carrier" and hear that the people on that ship have to pay for their own meals, out of their meager pay. Troops having to purchase their own equipment, and having their families live in substandard housing, having to get food stamps because the pay is so low, while they are out there, working hard and risking their lives and well-being. Just doesn't seem right.
I do know that we have to have a strong military, and it's wonderful that we have those who can serve.
And we are so lucky to live in a place, where we can live with the freedoms that so many have struggled and died for over the years.
Thank you, to all who have served. We salute and honor you today.
"Salute", above, was done on 140 lb. watercolor paper using Winsor Newton watercolors and a touch of white acrylic.
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