Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Hearts For Haiti

It's time to send in your heart creations to the Painted Thoughts website, listed in the post below this one, if you haven't already. The 29th actually was the date, but the artist extended the date to over the weekend to give more people an opportunity to participate. I actually did 6. I didn't like the first two at all, especially after I saw some of the other submissions on the Everyday Matters website. Those were really good! So, I went back to the old drawing board, and even looked at all the Valentines displays in the stores.
I'm not really a "heart person", but I figured that I could draw one for a good cause. So, I got some of those little ATC or ACEO papers at Hobby Lobby, pulled out my pen and my watercolors, and tried.
I kind of liked my little cowboy heart, but decided that the result was too weak. Another design with overlapping hearts also looked like it was very lacking and needed to be reworked.
Above, I have "Yellow Rose of Texas... For Haiti"; "Many Hearts Coming Together....For Haiti"; "Delicate Heart...For Haiti"; and "Dainty Heart....For Haiti"; and "A Big Heart From Texas...For Haiti's Heart To Lean On". All are 2.5" x 3.5" on Strathmore acid free Bristol Board or Strathmore acid free watercolor paper.
I'm not sure which one I'm going to send to the project, yet, but I am leaning toward the "Delicate Heart" with the light purple. It may be too light , though, and the "Dainty Heart", with the darker pink, might show up better.
If you like the hearts and would like to purchase one, let me know. The proceeds will go to the Helping Haiti Through Art project.
The Brazos Valley Art League meets tomorrow, Monday, at noon at the Art Center in College Station. There will be a watercolor demonstration by award winning artist, Nellie Kress. Visit with other artists and those who enjoy art before the meeting starts.
And, be sure to go downtown Bryan February 5 for the big Art Step. You can read more about it online through Great Watkins, the Brazos Valley Art League Newsletter, or the Downtown Bryan Association's website.
The Art League will be showing at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, downtown.


Tammie Lee said...

your hearts are wonderful. How caring that you did this.

I still love the little watercolor tree I won from you, oh so long ago.

Cecelia said...

Thanks, Tammie! I'm glad that my little painting found a good home!
The little squiggles across my heart designs reperesnt two things. One of course, is a broken heart, representing how Haiti is so broken and sad after the earthquake. And, the other is not so obvious. I looked at the x-ray picture I have of when I had the blocked artery in my heart, and had cardiac catherization to place a stent! All those little branches, like tree roots or limbs. So, I incorporated some of that into my design. Didn't want to just draw the x-ray of my heart! But it did inspire a design!

Krista Meister said...

Cecelia, nice to have found your blog. I think my favorite heart is the first one. I love your explanation of the thought process behind it too. And I hope your own heart has healed as well...

-Krista Meister