Saturday, September 5, 2009

7th World Wide Paint Out Sept. 11, 12, 13, 2009

Plein Aire Painting In Calvert
Top: Barbara Painting on Main Street
Bottom: Barbara Going To Paint In The Bandstand, Virginia Field Park
If you like to paint outdoors, join in the 7th World Wide Paint Out, Sept. 11, 12, & 13. Register and get more information on the website,
To see if anyone has registered in your area, go to . I have registered, and, if anyone would like to join me, that would be great!
You don't have to be a member to do the Paint Out, but you can join if you would like to be a member. The event is free.
If you want to paint with me, contact me and I'll let you know where I plan on painting.
Or, you can do this on your own, in your own area. You can also paint one day or all three days. And they have some cute t-shirts, caps, etc. on their website.
There is an html on their website to add to my blog, etc., but I couldn't get it to show up. I really don't understand those things. I clicked copy and paste, but nothing happened.
You can just go to their website listed above for information and products.
They are also on Facebook, for those of you who use that site.
After the event, people can put pictures of their work on the Facebook site. There is a link to do that on their webpage.
Sorry for not getting this information out sooner, but I haven't worked on my blog or much of anything else for a little while. Haven't been able to see very well!
I had cataract surgery on my good eye, finally, and I'm still recovering. I was like the old joke, "Blind in one eye and can't see out of the other"! More about that in another post. But I did get through it okay, so far!
It's been great finding people who I had not seen for years, on Facebook. And it's great to be able to share so many things. If you want to know something, ask, and someone is bound to know what you need to find out. Or have similar experiences. There are a lot of artists and writers on there, too.
Saturday, Sept. 19 is the date for the 24th World Wide Sketch Crawl. I have registered on their Forum for Bryan/College Station and the Brazos Valley Area. Let me know if you want to go sketching with me, or if you would like to go on your own. Or if you have questions. Click on the Sketch Crawl logo in my sidebar to go to the website.
Or you can go to for more information.
These things like Paint Outs and Sketch Crawls, make a really nice day.
I welcome some suggestions for how we can get these things going here, or where we might go to paint and draw.
Remember, this is Free, open to all ages, all media, groups, individuals, and all skill levels. You can paint, draw, sketch, write in your journal, or just doodle. You can work all day or part of the day, at home, or on location, with a group or solo. There are no rules.
I have listed to meet at the LaSalle Hotel in Bryan, and register at the Frame Gallery, 216 N. Bryan Ave. on Saturday morning. While it is nice to get out early in the morning, I'm finding that I need to sleep a little later. (I think it must be my meds, or my condition!) But, I'll try to do what others would like to do.
We can decide where to work, if we have a group.
In Calvert, meet at Mud Creek Pottery, 407 Main Street.
If people prefer to meet at one place, I am open to that too.
Contact me, or Greta Watkins at the Frame Gallery, or Sonny Moss at Mud Creek Pottery.
Let's have some fun and record the Brazos Valley!


raena said...

Cecelia...My husband and I plan on being there for the 24th Sketchcrawl! Please let me know what is decided for location! Can't wait as it will be the first time for my participation! I think you must have another blog somewhere because I just read a post of yours a day or two ago, regarding your eyes and surgery?

Pat said...

Hi Cecelia, I see you are still painting after your eye surgery. Bravo!!! I am still doing the doctor office thing but haven't been posting them on the my blog because I was getting to many questions that I couldn't answer. I sketched in the Sketchcrawl with 4 other people this time. How did you do? I'm going over to see if you posted your results on Sketchcrawl.