Saturday, July 18, 2009

23rd World Wide Sketch Crawl

Lunching At Rudy's

Barbara and I spent the afternoon in the air conditioning at Rudy's barbeque in College Station, sketching. The rustic surroundings with a Texas Aggie theme made a pleasant place to sketch after we had a lunch of barbeque, served on waxed paper for plates and paper towels for napkins. I sketched people eating on what was once a screened porch and is now closed in with lots of windows. In the main part of the restaurant, tables are covered with oil cloth red and white checked table cloths, while, on the porch, there are wooden picnic tables. There is a nice view of the creek behind the restaurant from the porch area.
Guys' Lunch
Barbara sketched these two men, enjoying barbeque for their lunch at Rudy's.

Guys' Lunch II
ink and watercolor
I sketched the same two men as Barbara was sketching. I added some watercolors to mine. I was curious about the orange t-shirt on the wall behind them, but I didn't get up to examine it. I thought it was odd to have a University of Texas symbol in this place that had an Aggie theme!

Ceiling Lights at Rudy's
ink and watercolor
I wanted to do a drawing that would show the whole scene at Rudy's. But I was using a small sketchbook that fit into my purse, and I just didn't feel I had enough room. I started with the ceiling lights and, by this time, Barbara was ready to leave. I did show how the lights look to me, with AMD and cataracts. I'm sure they were simple, round bulbs, but, to me, they had sort of a flowery shape.

Cleaning Up
ink and watercolor
This young lady caught my attention as she walked past and greeted us. A team of people, dressed in the uniform of the business, seemed to sweep across the restaurant and start to clean as we were getting ready to leave. I couldn't help but notice the clean, white, neatly folded rag that was hanging out of her back pocket.
These were the last of our drawings that we did during the 23rd World Wide Sketch Crawl Saturday July 11, 2009.
I was trying to figure out how to post these drawings and make them come out in order. I thought it would work to put the last one first, but, then, I realized that I can only add 5 at a time, after I had added these!
Hopefully, you will read the following post first, and this one last! That will work, I hope.
Go to the Sketch Crawl website to see art work and photos from all over the world. Look under Forum, 23rd World Wide Sketch Crawl.
It's very interesting to get a world tour through the eyes of many artists!
I hope that we can get a group for the next one! Come join us! That should be in about October. You can check the website, and join, if you want, to get updates and notices.

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