Friday, February 13, 2009

Rain Dance

Rain Dance
5.5" x 8.5"

I don't know any good rain dances, and my knees wouldn't let me do one, if I did know how! So, I did a small watercolor of a rain dance. I made up a native dancer, added in a few other possible characters who might go out and try to bring rain, and a few little symbols. The things of earth that need water, including grass, flowers, and food, symbolized by corn. I even created a rain mask for the dancer. Blue, for water and rain, diagonal lines for rain coming down, and a few scattered raindrops to make a pattern.

We do need a nice, slow, soaking rain-or several of them-as do a lot of other places. A line of storms that led to tornadoes in several places, came through the other night. We got a little lightning and wind, and a tiny bit of rain.
I unplugged my computer, as I always do when storms approach, and, when I plugged it in the next day, my scanner wouldn't work. (As usual!) It has taken the rest of the week of unplugging and plugging the thing back in to make it finally work.
Supposedly, there were a few showers around this morning, and the humidity is up today. We need so much more, but no floods, please!
We've had so much nice weather, lately. I won't be surprised to see leaves coming out and flowers ready to bloom soon!
Anyway, if you know of a good rain dance, and it's dry where you are, you might try a good rain dance for us all.
"Rain Dance" was done with Winsor Newton watercolors on Strathmore cold press watercolor paper.
We hope for nice weather next Saturday, the 21st and 22nd, when Virginia Vaughan will be in Calvert for a Plein Aire Painting Workshop.
I'm practicing getting up early to be ready to watch her paint a gorgeous sunrise painting!
Let me know if you are planning to come.

Hope that you will join us! It's going to be a really nice experience.


Have a Great Friday the 13th!
For kids, today is school Valentine's Day parties.
We used to send Valentines to the area VA hospitals as part of the Ann Landers Valentines for Vets project. We also took them to the local nursing home, and the hospital, before it closed. It was a scramble to get the cards made, graded, and put into the mail.
When we had addresses, we also sent things to service men and women.
I still think that is a good project.
I guess it is too late to do anything for this year. I just realized, last night, that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and today is Friday the 13th. The only reason I knew is because my grandson was finishing up his Valentines for their class party.

One of these days, I'm going to have to get a new calendar!


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