Friday, June 20, 2008

Sketch Crawl Today

Brazos Bankful
8.5" x 11"
This is it. The day when we all need to be out drawing things around us-all over the world. The 19th World Wide Sketch Crawl has arrived.
Here's the plan for Bryan:
Meet at the Frame Gallery in downtown Bryan about 8:30 or 9:00. Sign in there so we will know who is participating.
Those who need coffee and may want to get together as a group, might meet at the LaSalle Hotel. There, people can decide where they want to work.
Spend the morning and afternoon sketching. Some may want to stay in downtown Bryan where the Texas Reds Festival will be going on. Others may want to spread out in other areas of Bryan/College Station, or across the Brazos Valley.
At the end of the day, those who want to may like to meet back at the Frame Gallery to discuss experiences and share their work. Since entertainment will be going on, some people may like to stay on and sketch the rest of the Festival.
In Calvert, people can meet at Mud Creek Pottery to check in and decide where to work for the day. They could meet back there at the end of the day to share what they have done during the day.
I'm anxious to do some work, and to see what everyone else sketches tomorrow. Hope that everyone has fun tomorrow.
I tried to get the word out to others in our area through press releases to newspapers and tv while Greta Watkins appeared on "Brazos Arts" on KAMU fm radio.
Hopefully, the weather will be beautiful and everyone will have an enjoyable and productive day.
The sketch above is one that I did last year while we were going for a drive in the area of the Brazos Bottom. The Brazos River was full to the top of the banks and there was concern about flooding. It didn't flood at that time, though.
So far, this year, it is hot and getting really dry here. Thankfully, we have not had the bad flooding in this area like they are having in the Midwest, since they built the dam on the Brazos at Waco. We did have one bad flood back in the spring of -04, but that was more localized after around 20 inches of rain-15 of those in about 3 hours time. A couple of earthen dams broke, which made things worse. I hope that we never have those kind of problems again. And I am really sorry for what is happening to the people and the land to the north.
The above sketch is a plan that can be used in something more finished later.
Get out your sketching things and join us in drawing something today!
And if you are near downtown Bryan, enjoy the big steak and wine festival. I was hoping to see Big Otis who is one of the performers, but I realized as we were eating supper, that he was appearing on Friday night, not Saturday. But there will be lots of other things going on.
Have a great weekend!

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BC said...

We, Virginia, Lynn, and Barbara (me) painted in Rockport today. V did a workshop on plein aire painting, so with V's expert guidance we have some wonderful paintings of boats, clouds, and trees! The weather was a bit "warm", like hot, but great for painting. And for the Sketch Crawl.