Monday, March 3, 2008

Pink Artist

Drawing for Pink Artist Project

The sketch on the top is my idea that I came up with for the Pink Artist Project, to benefit the Susan Koman Breast Cancer foundation.
The idea was to come up with a 2x2 square, on fabric, that had to do with a part of a body for a doll. Originally, the squares would be used on a doll, then a skirt, and it grew to have enough for possibly a quilt, too.
Different materials could be used on the fabric, beads, ribbon, crochet, even the clay, but it had to have the fabric back to be sewed together. Deadline was March 1.
You can read more about the project by clicking on the Pink Artist square at the top right of my page. The finished work is to be shown in a doll magazine and, eventually, sold to raise money for the charity.
I don't really sew or anything like that, so I thought I had to do a drawing or painting. I started with one of my "girls" that I like to doodle, and added her hand holding a ball of energy, or power for healing, knowledge, life. They were a little too separated, as my thoughts were on the face as a doll part, and a hand that was doing something to heal.
I printed them as a wallet size print, cut them out and pushed the parts together. Those were taped on my light table.
I put a piece of flour sack fabric, a sort of muslin like material, over the drawing on my light table and traced it with pencil. Then, I outlined with a pen with India Ink.
I thought of using acrylics on the fabric, but decided that I wanted just a single color, as if the ball was glowing. And decided to use a staining media-watercolors. Cobalt Violet was my choice of color, one of the most expensive watercolors to indicate quality, richness, and caring.
There was a little vacant spot above the hand and ball, so I added the word "Power".
In the picture on the right, you can see the texture of the fabric. In the actual square, you can't see all the blur that appears in the scan. To me, it is really difficult to draw or paint on fabric. I don't see how people who paint a lot of t-shirts and such things manage to do that.
I'm anxious to see what all the pieces look like when they are put together. And I hope that they get a really good price for the finished piece.
Hope that you enjoyed seeing my "girl". One of these days, I may have to try painting some of them instead of just doodling them.
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