Friday, September 21, 2007

Vision- The Good Eye II

The Good Eye II
Image size 8" x 11"
Paper size 9" x 12"
These were actually two different episodes in July. But, I combined them into one painting, for the sake of composition.
As I sat at the computer, there were four small circles of light that appeared at the lower part of my screen. Trails of light sparkled downward. Something like tiny comets of red, yellow, blue, and purple, with a hint of green.
I closed the good eye and they went away. When I opened that eye, however, they reappeared. They were only there for a short while, but, again, they reminded me of what I had read previously about a detached retina. Flashing lights. But these were not actually flashing lights. Just sparkling little comets.
Another day, at the computer again, I noticed something like floating wheels, some overlapping, across the lower right side of my computer. They appeared to be divided into mostly triangular sections of light. These, too, sparkled, and were happening in the good eye.
This one lasted most of the day, but was gone by the next day, and, like the other images I have been seeing since Macular Degeneration and catarcts struck me, it hasn't reappeared.
In my painting, I used Winsor Newton watercolors on 140 pound Arches watercolor paper. For sparkle, I added a bit of silver acrylic. However, it doesn't appear to show up very well on the monitor. It looks like a bit of gray on my monitor.
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I learned about this from Nancy Standlee on her blog. And I really appreciate her help in setting it up on my blog. (I always run into some problem that is something really simple when I try to do things on the computer!)
Check out her blog at . She is another Texas artist. I really enjoyed reading about the workshop she attended in Galveston. And, she is always up on the really cool, new things.
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The weekend is here, and I just realized it. One advantage of retirement. It's almost always the weekend!
Hope you have a good weekend, doing whatever it is that you enjoy.
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Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Cecelia, thanks for giving my blog a link and watch for some new workshop details as I'm off today for Ca. Good wishes for you and your vision problems. Let's watch for each other's blogs to EVER? appear on BlogRush, ok?
Regards, ns

Cecelia said...

Thanks, Nancy. I know that you are going to have some wonderful workshops, and produce some really nice work as a result.
I know that I've seen your name on BlogRush, at least one time. I've only recognized one other person's listing, so far. It will get fixed up. I know that you are getting a lot of hits, according to the counter!