Wednesday, June 6, 2007

D-Day, The Sixth of June

"Just A Memory" is an exerpt of a longer work, inspired by the D-Day 50th anniversary reunions. The story reflects the frustration and confusion of one soul that didn't make it home after WWII. This is one of my tributes to the men and women who have served our country. Tonight, I sketched a soldier with his "friend", his gun. He has no eyes because he is lost in the country where he died, still trying to find his way home, and answers to what is happening to him. I may add his eyes later, but, I wanted to give him an empty, unseeing look, at this point.
I was only about six years old, living safely in Calvert, Texas, surrounded by family, when D-Day took place. I have very distinct memories of those times. During the D-Day reunions, my high school class was also having our reunion, and we will be getting together again in the next few days.
A special recognition goes out to Margaret, who was an Army nurse in WWII, and was involved in D-Day, among other historic events of the War; her husband, Clarence, who was in the Air Force and had his own adventures ; and my uncle, Irvin, who was in the 88th Infantry Division, the Blue Devils; and Reba, who was in the Army. There are many more who I knew as those glamourous people in uniform, who loomed over me, who went away to do their duty. Some did not come home, some came home with injuries, and all came home changed, but bound to others who went through the same things.
I saw very little on tv this year about D-Day, other than a few old war movies. If they showed "The Longest Day", I missed it. I guess they are waiting on another milestone year to do more reunions and recognition.
Look in my links section, and you will find a link to click on for my friend, and author, Esther Reed. She has written a book on Hispanic WWII vets titled "After The Blessing".
For some reason, we have an interest in WWII and those times. I thought that, perhaps this is because we were small then, and so many things were secret. Now that time has passed, some of those things that were kept in secret, not only from children, but also the adult population, can be told.
I salute you, Veterans!

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